Five minutes with...Joe Lovano

Five minutes with...Joe Lovano

We recently caught up with jazz giant Joe Lovano ahead of his residency at Bennetts Lane. He shares his greatest musical influences, his biggest break through and his journeys through jazz, on and off the stage. 

What are your earliest memories of music?

My earliest memories are of hearing my dad practicing and trying reeds before gigs after closing the shop.

Who are your greatest musical influences?

There are so many. Most importantly is my dad, Tony “Big T” Lovano. Of course there is also Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Max Roach Thelonious Monk, Dizzy, Ornette, Sonny, Coltrane and that whole crowd.

What was your biggest break through?

My biggest breakthrough was when I started to develop my own sound and approach to the art of improvising.

What are some of your favourite records?

The ones that are made with the joyous spirit of creative improvisation.

What have you sacrificed for your art?

Time with my family.

How do you see the future of jazz?

I live in the moment of now so I don't think about it much but I would say it's brighter than bright. Internationally, jazz is the most important music. It brings all music together. The love and passion of the people expressing themselves through jazz will tell its own story in the future like it always has.

What advise would you give aspiring jazz artists?

Live in the sounds and spirits of the masters.

What are you looking forward to on your return to Australia?

I look forward to seeing some friends, playing and exploring some new music with Paul Grabowsky. I'm also excited hear some young folks in Melbourne and share the blessings.

Lovano / Grabowsky / Rex / Beck
USA / Australia
Bennetts Lane Jazz Club
Thursday 4 June at 7:30pm & 10:00pm
Friday 5 June at 7:30pm & 10:00pm

In Conversation with Joe Lovano
Friday 5 June at 4:00pm
Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

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