Five minutes with...Dean from Barrow Boys Brewing

Five minutes with...Dean from Barrow Boys Brewing

Tell us the story behind the name Barrow Boys 

Well our name came from exploring around North Melbourne, where we first planned to build a brewery. The Queen Victoria Markets are pretty historical and integral to this part of town. We found a reference to the name “Barrow Boys” and how they were the original market vendors selling fresh produce to the local community. These guys were not only hard working but also knew how to keep spirits high and have plenty of good times throughout their days. We joined the dots between how passionate they were about what they did and how we feel about good beer. I guess the rest just kind of fell into place.

Describe your idea of a quintessential Melbourne day

Fridays are pretty good days. I’d hop on the tram, head into the city and pop my head into Movida for a bite to eat in Hosier Lane (this place is Melbourne all over). Probably follow that up with a wonder through The Arts Centre precinct to see what is on and happening over the weekend. Late afternoon would call for a beer over at Belleville, Toff in town or Blondie. If i’m feeling energised and up to make an evening of it i would take the tram up to Brunswick and pop my head into the new Jazzlab for a groove and brew. Ha ha sure do live a hard life...

Five minutes with...Dean from Barrow Boys Brewing

What’s the best concert you’ve ever seen and what made it so special?

That is a hard question to answer mainly because I am honestly a fan of such a wide array of music genres. I can confidently say that Snarky Puppy at the Forum for MIJF 2016 was quite the talent explosion and a really great gig. Each artist individually were so talented and it made for a mesmerising performance. I’d also have to give Black Sabbath at Perth Arena a few years back a shout out too. That was pretty memorable.

What are your Top 5 Picks of the Festival? 

Some great gigs in the line up this year thats for sure. Looking forward to Donny McCaslin, The Necks, Bill Frisell Trio, Dianne Reeves & Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles.

Why do you think all the cool kids are using yellow these days?!

Haha. Yellow is in! I love how close that colour match is to this years program! We choose the colour for our Good Times Ale because to lends itself to the beer - Bright, Fruity and Fun. The beer is a flavoursome yet easy drinking session ale, packed with fresh hops. We crafted Good Times Ale to compliment any sort of shenanigans you may find yourself in whether it be camping, partying, at a music gig or just hanging with friends. This beer is a bit of a reminder to us to not take ourselves too seriously.

Five minutes with...Dean from Barrow Boys Brewing

To learn more about Barrow Boys Brewing and see where you can pick up some of their beers, head to their website

They will be stocked at certain venues during the festival, so you might be able to grab one before a show!

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